Secure Delivery for your Flatbed Cargo

When your freight doesn’t fit the standard dry van, or is oversized, flatbed is often the right fit for your shipping needs. At Posse Trucking, we offer local and regional flatbed service with our extensive fleet of conventional and specialized trucks and trailers. We have

Given weight and height restrictions on roadways, we do need the exact measurements of your cargo in height, length and width to ensure we source the right flatbed for your shipments. Ask about our experience with special projects and remote deliveries to oil and gas extraction sites, hydroelectric dam projects, remote work camps and various mine projects in Western Canada where we’ve utilized our flatbeds.

Once your freight is loaded onto the flatbed, it will stay safe and secure until it’s delivered. We understand many commodities and products shipped via flatbed are high value, so we ensure that your cargo is not handled or transloaded prior to delivery unless previously stated in writing.

Call us today at 604-888-4644 and speak with our Dispatch and Sales Team about Posse Trucking’s flatbed services